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Doha of the day

May the light of Dhamma spread to every corner of the world to dispel the
darkness of ignorance and resultant misery.

— S.N. Goenka

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1. Visitors may kindly note that with effect from 1st March 2024 all OUTSIDE FOOD SHALL NOT BE PERMITTED inside the Global Vipassana Pagoda campus.

2. The Journey of Dhamma - Experiential Museum is closed for visitors till further notice as the balance work is in progress.

Pagoda Tour


Download Global Pagoda Audio Tour App - Self conducted audio-visual- text tour download link - http://www.globalpagoda.org/applink.html

No Entry Fee

Please note there is no entry fee or charge to see the Global Vipassana Pagoda. There is no charge for the tour guides at Global Vipassana Pagoda.

Inside the dome

Please note only old Vipassana meditators are allowed to enter the dome and meditate. All other visitors can view the inside dome from visitors' gallery.

Days and Timings

Open on all days from 9am to 7pm.

Reaching The Global Vipassana Pagoda

  1. Coming from Mumbai City / Domestic Airport / International Airport / Railway Stations in Mumbai
  2. Travelling by Road from Thane / Nashik / Igatpuri / Pune / Navi Mumbai
  3. Reaching By Public Transport from Mumbai City
  4. Hotels nearby

Identity Proof

Identity Proof is mandatory for foreign visitors. (Passport/ driving licence/ certificate from respective embassy)

Concept & Planning

Planning for the construction of the Global Vipassana Pagoda began in 1997, while actual building work started in 2000. The pagoda consists of three sub-domes. The first and largest dome was completed when bone relics of Gautama Buddha were enshrined in the central locking stone of the dome on October 29, 2006, making it the world's largest hollow stone masonry structure containing relics of the Buddha. The relics were originally found in Bhattiprolu, Guntur district, Andhra Pradesh, South India.
The center of the Global Vipassana Pagoda contains the world's largest stone dome built without any supporting pillars.
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One of 7 Wonders of Maharashtra

The Global Vipassana Pagoda is declared as one of the "One of Seven Wonders of Maharashtra" by Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC) in partnership with ABP Majha, a Marathi news channel; after they reviewed 350 destinations.The results of this selection were declared on 6th June 2013. You must visit Global Vipassana Pagoda to witness the developments and its unique nature for getting selected as one of the seven wonders of the state.

Burma Yatra at 90

Respected Shri SN Goenkaji's Burma visit.

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10 Minutes Anapana Meditation for Visitors

A rare opportunity to learn Anapana Meditation in 10 minutes – near the
Buddha’s relics at Global Vipassana Pagoda's North Pagoda (Opposite Visitor's Gallery)

Timings 10.00 am to 6.30 pm continuously.

No fees is charged to attend these courses. anyone who is fit and
above 10 years of age can participate.

All participants must sit continuously and follow the audio
instructions for 10 minutes without leaving the meditation hall.

They should observe complete silence and should switch off their
mobiles during the course.

Dos & Donts

  • Visitors will not be allowed to carry or consume any intoxicants or alcoholic drinks within the pagoda premises. (This will also include cigarettes, bidees, pan, mawa, pan-masala or chewing tobacco)
  • Visitors who wish to attend the Mini-Anapana course will have to be seated inside the Pagoda for complete duration of the course, i.e. 20 minutes with metta.
  • Male and Female visitors attending the Mini-Anapana course will be seated inside the pagoda, in separate areas specially designated for them.
  • Visitors who wish to attend Mini-Anapana course will have to maintain complete silence while they are inside the pagoda main dome.
  • The Mini-Anapana course will be conducted through recorded instructions in Shri S N Goenka Ji’s voice. Visitors are instructed to follow every instruction carefully.
  • During the Mini-Anapana course, visitors will have to concentrate on their natural breath. Do not chant any word or mantra during the meditation. Similarly do not imagine any form or figure during the meditation.
  • Mobiles should be switched off during the session.
  • Visitors are prohibited from taking any photographs or video shooting while they are inside the Pagoda Main Dome or the Visitors' gallery. If they so wish they can take pictures outside the Pagoda Main Dome or any other place in the pagoda premises.
  • Every Visitor should take care that his or her personal conduct within the pagoda premises should not disturb or cause any inconvenience to other visitors or meditators.
  • Revealing clothes such as shorts and skirts above the knees and showing bare shoulders are prohibited in the campus.
  • Males and Females are requested to keep adequate distance between them.

Padma Bhushan Award

Respected Shri SN Goenkaji has been conferred the Padma Bhushan Award by the President of India.

The Padma Bhushan has been awarded for distinguished service of high order in social work. The award was announced on the occasion of Republic Day - 2012

It was conferred by the President of India at a function held at Rashtrapati Bhawan in 2012.

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