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Global Vipassana Pagoda

Places at Global Vipassana Pagoda

  1. Main Dome Pagoda with Visitors’ Gallery: Free information pamphlets on pagoda are distributed here.
  2. North Pagoda: Venue for 20 Minute Anapana courses.
  3. Ashoka Pillar- Fountain & Lotus pond: to suggest spread of dharma in all directions. A beautiful fountain and lotus pond
  4. Gate No. 1 : is one of the largest sliding doors carved in teak wood from Myanmar.
  5. Dhamma Pattana, Guruji Shri S N Goenka Ji’s Residence & South Pagoda– 10 Day Course Centre can be seen from outside. The Principal Teachers’ Residence has beautiful Burmese designs. South pagoda also has meditation cells for the course participants.
  6. Wall Mountings: have detailed explanations on Vipassana and related topics such as Pagoda, Addictions, Society, Executives and Science etc.
  7. Video Gallery: (Free Entry to watch short 17 min videos of what is Pagoda and Vipassana & how it will benefit you) Bilingual –Hindi & English.
  8. Photo Gallery – Pictures to mark milestones of Pagoda Construction
  9. Books & Souvenir Center – For a good collection of VCDs, CDs, photographs, Books, idols, T-Shirts, paintings and other souvenirs
  10. Painting Gallery – Paintings depicting stories of people who benefitted from Vipassana practice in Buddha’s time. Audio Tours in Shri SN Goenka Ji’s voice. Story books of the same paintings with pictures available.
  11. Myanmar Gate – Gate with Burmese designs to express gratitude to Burma & Sayagyi U Ba Khin
  12. Buddha Statue – to honor Buddha as a great spiritual scientist who taught Vipassana & nature based teachings for the benefit of humanity.
  13. Bell Tower – The bell to be stroked at the exit to spread the loving compassion for all. There is a Burmese belief indicative of an early return to Pagoda to experience the true benefits of Vipassana Meditation.
  14. Gong Tower- Burmese designs with devas to announce the spread of dharma for the benefit of all.
  15. Food Court – For refreshment needs of the visitors and Burmese Murals for Culture & Art enthusiasts to learn about Burmese customs.