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Serving the cause of Dhamma

People across the world have donated in small and large amounts, in cash and in kind, towards the construction of the Pagoda.
Some of these in-kind donations are:

The land on which the Pagoda is constructed was donated by an important Indian business family based in Mumbai.

The inter-locking of stones in the construction was suggested by Sompura Consultants

Proof Consultancy and advice came from a professor in IIT, Mumbai

The Gold Paint for painting the Pagoda and decorative elements has been donated by meditators from Thailand.

Meditators and the people of Myanmar have also donated extensively to the Pagoda. Some of these in-kind donations are:

- The Buddha Statue
- The Pagoda Bell
- The Umbrella and the Flag of Dhamma
- The teakwood doors and teakwood flooring tiles
- The Marble used for tiling the staircase and the Upper Parikrama above the canopy
- Artisans from Myanmar have been coming here and working towards decorating the Pagoda in their traditional, beautiful designs. 
People from India and abroad also donated generously under the ‘donate a stone’ scheme